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The purpose of this site is to bring awareness of the Elangam Bhagavathi Temple of Keezhukulam, of which many among the young generation of the family is not aware of. Some of them may have heard form their parents and elders about the Elangam but do not know more about its significance to the family and the local population. This site will keep one and all informed on these aspects.


As you will see efforts have begun to restore the temples to its past glory.  In future, this site will include details on the pooja schedules, festivals, booking process for various requirements of the devotees  etc.


Every effort  will be made to keep all posted on the latest happenings. If you have any significant information on any subject related to the family, family members, Nair Tharavads, Elangam, Various Poojas that were present in the past, or on any other topic relevant to the site, kindly E-mail to the Office Email ID, for inclusion in the site.


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Date: Thursday, 25 December 2008


A Devaprasnam a form of Thamboolaprasnam was conducted at the Keezhukulam Elangam premises in which many members of the family from Thiruvananthapuram, Neyoor and  Keezhukulam and the local population under the leadership of the Local managing committee enthusiastically participated. Scenes from the above can be seen under the 'Link Overview' and the Report by the Astrologer, in Malayalam, can be viewed under the link 'Devaprasnam'.



Date: Sunday, 25 January 2009


A meeting was arranged at the residence of Dr. M. Raman Nair, a senior member of the family, at his residence "Srilakam", Viswambaran Road, Pappanamcode, Thiruvananthapuram, TeL: (0471) 2490894 at 4.00 PM. It was enthusiastically attended by 18 members, many of them who were not present at the Devaprasnam at Keezhukulam, indicating the keenness amoung the family members in renovation activities and also of the spreading of the awareness. During the meeting it was decided an ad-hoc committee to be formed to provide direction and orientation to the efforts. Accordingly a committee was formed, consisting of:

Dr. M. Raman Nair, President (0471) 2490894

Ms. Shobha Prasad, Vice President (0471) 2328180

Mr. Gopi, Secretary,

Dr. R. C. Nair, Treasurer (0471) 2540242

  1. During the meeting decision was taken to immediately organize for the three time Ganapathi Homa and one time Bhagavathiseva at the temple premises and those present in the meeting contributed liberally on the spot for conducting the poojas.

  2. It was decided to form and maintain family Register and to collect an one time fee of Rs. 100/- from every member for entering into the Family Register. On arrival of new child to a member their details are to be submitted by the member on payment of Rs. 100/- per child.

  3. It was decided a Parambuvilakam Family Charity should be formed under the Charitable societies act, necessary Articles of Association, Bye laws to be drawn up in consultation with suitable Lawyer.

  4. All further funds for the renovation of the temple etc to be solicited after formation of the Trust, opening of Bank accounts etc, so that members who contribute substantially could avail of Tax exemption benefits  for their contributions as also proper accounts could be maintained without causing unduly burden on the Office bearers.

  5. Dr. Raman Nair who was elected as President of the Ad-hoc committee informed of his knowing certain lawyer at Nagarcoil well versed in the topic and that he along with some members will consult him on the matters of the ownership of the Temple properties, formation of Trust etc.,.